You cannot control every detail of your life ~ your power lies with what you do with what shows up. Your choice of response, new intentions sparked and wisdom gleaned from hindsight shape the present moment which gives rise to the next. If you want to incur change, you have to initiate it in the Now.

True power comes from creating consciously, that is, on purpose with purpose. I like referring to reality creation as “Source-ry” with a ‘u’ to emphasise your expression of Source energy because it embodies your ability to connect with your core power centre rooted in oneness with All That Is from which pure magick is cast. This may sound complex, however it is deliciously simple.

Source-ry is not just a matter of directing energy toward a chosen intention, but the actual process of opening to your personal power and learning how to manage your own energy so that you naturally align with Universal/Cosmic flow that facilitates things to fall in place effortlessly.



All energy is neutral, mouldable potential. Universal flow is a constantly flowing stream of immanent energy, permeating everything in existence. It is the life force behind what makes planets spin and what causes cells to divide and grow.

From universal flow you conjure experiences that resonate with your frequency. Based on the perception you hold of an experience, you may choose to transform your Self in order to experience differently. Therein lies the delight in magick making and cosmic lightweaving. You prefer something else? You want more? You have the power to transform it!


In short, your perception moulds your reality and only once you have shifted your perception, can you actively play a role in shaping your world. There is nothing “out there” it all comes from within.

Spells utilise the laws of nature, channelling your creative power (spirit or creative life force) to form a combined force with Earth power (matter) and harmonising your energy beacon with the vibration of what you seek to bring about change. Magick is not something you do, it is something you personify.

Most societies advocate reacting to circumstances. They do not provide directionality by saying we have the option to state “this is what I choose instead”, thereby indicating a decision to craft an alternative outcome or desired result by utilising your highest wisdom and putting it into perceivable action.


First, you need to have conscious awareness about something in order to change it. If you have not recognised a desire to transform, expand or better something in an area of your life then you probably won’t be reading this article anyway.

Second, you are curious, open and willing to take on a little discomfort as you etch out of your comfort zone to turn within to find the aspect of your being that is being reflected in your external reality that you wish to modify.

Third, you are prepared to distance yourself emotionally from what is in order to get clear on what you wish to transform, the underlying why and what you are desiring looks like (at least to your imagination) to focus on to start with.


Essentially, lightweaving is about seeing the world both for what it is and the potential for what it could be. You have the strength of will and the resolve to take command of your own life, to steer the course of your personal evolution, regardless of how terrifyingly liberating it may seem!


The Law of Attraction

Top of the list and most popular in the number one position is The Law of Attraction that states like attracts like and therefore your dominant thoughts and vibration attract more of the same into your experience.

This means you can manifest things you don’t necessarily want by default when your thoughts and emotions don’t match what you desire and instead you operate from the energy of lack, fear or judgement which creates more of the same types of experiences that match your vibration.


That’s not the only reason you don’t have what you want though – sometimes the vibration of something you want is so foreign to you that you can’t begin to imagine how to match it – that’s when you break your goals down into smaller steps so that you acclimate your vibration incrementally.

If you don’t believe that something is possible for you or within your reach you are separating from it not integrating it into your energy field for it to manifest. Another reason why something you are attempting to attract into your life is not there is that the desire stems from a fear of some sort or that getting what you want right now will actually distract you from your life’s mission; not complement it.


The Law of Deliberate Creation

The Law of Deliberate Creation posits that you can choose what you want to experience more of, where you place your attention and how you wish to feel. You can deliberately change your experience through deliberately choosing thoughts and emotions that support your intentions.

By consciously choosing different behaviour you interrupt patterns that aren’t serving you. Ideally you want your actions to match your highest wisdom, following through on what you feel to be true at your core.


The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity explains that for everything you experience the exact opposite exists. Let’s say you focus on a $10 000 windfall, the reality of the $10 000 windfall exists as well as the reality which is the exact opposite end of the spectrum where there is no $10 000 windfall.

Contrast (which is the term for the unpleasant undesirable experiences you would rather not encounter) helps you become clear on what you don’t want so that you exercise your personal power in deciding to shift your thoughts and behaviour to match what you do want to experience instead.

To illustrate, if you only ever had a hard mattress to sleep on and no contrasting soft mattress to compare it to ~ how would you know which type of mattress you prefer?


Understanding the Law of Polarity means that you don’t get caught up in the lower expression or less desirable aspect of the energy, for example, having one bad moment and deciding it’s an entire bad day, month or year.

Instead, by using the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Attraction you can choose your thoughts and dominant feeling state to match the energy of what you are desiring to bring that experience into your reality.

But in order to do that you need to experience the contrast so that the Law of Polarity can help you identify what the opposite of what you don’t want is and point you in the appropriate direction.


The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm states that everything in existence is in a sacred dance of sorts, your red blood cells, the oxygen that adheres to them, the turnover of your physical cells, the shifting seasons, ebb and flow of the tides and waxing and waning moon. This means that when something advances something has to retreat like high and low tide, spring after winter and day following night.

Via the Law of Rhythm we know that there is a time to plant, tend, harvest and rest, times to advance or hold back and so you don’t stress when things appear to be ebbing away because you know that is only temporary and the tide will flow in again. When you trust the rhythmic cycle you will enjoy it without allowing fear or anxiety to push you out of cosmic flow.


The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect in its simplest definition is that every action elicits a response. When you take some form of action you achieve a result. Karma is often misunderstood in this respect as being a form of punishment or consequence for doing something you judge as wrong. However, when you perform an action the consequence would only be the new experience related to what you initiated with your action.

Causes do not create events or situations. Essentially they are catalysts within a series of conditions. In each moment (since the present is where all your power resides) you have the ability to set new conditions based on your personal choices that are influenced by your beliefs.


Your behaviour and judgement of it pre-paves your experience. Not some external force that punishes you for doing the wrong thing. Judgement boils down to not trusting yourself or your inner guidance. Again, utilising these laws in combination such as the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Polarity.

They show us what is undesirable and what we prefer instead then we use the Law of Deliberate Creation and Law of Attraction to make decisions and take actions that are better vibrational matches to what we want to experience instead. Are you starting to see how enmeshed they all are? Alright let’s move on…


The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing is fairly clear in its name. Instead of pushing and resisting you allow others to be as they are and seek out the perfection within them as they are. So you aren’t attempting to control, micro-manage or change what is.

Instead you are allowing the universe to deliver to you what you are asking of it via a path of least resistance. If you are in the energy of pushing up against and fighting something you aren’t in a state of allowing. Similarly if you are in the energy of chasing or searching you aren’t allowing.

Trust that what you are asking for is coming to you in the best way at the most appropriate time without attempting to dictate what form it will take or how the sequence of events will unfold.


Just to be clear, allowing and acceptance do not mean remaining in a situation where you are in danger of being harmed in any way, physically, verbally or emotionally. All too often I hear women in abusive situations saying they are staying where they are to “learn the lesson” otherwise they will continue to repeat the pattern. That is misinformation, dangerous and outright alarming.

Should you find yourself in an abusive situation the lesson if you will, is to exercise your personal power and exit that situation by taking the necessary steps that will bring you into a better way of being.

As for repeating the pattern, you have the choice each and every time whether you are willing to go down that road again or not. All it takes is one decision like “I’m not going down that road again” and it ends. Unless you choose to perpetuate it by consistently placing yourself in those types of situations. Even though you know better.


The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance comes into play nicely here when you acknowledge that you have everything within you right now for your life to be exactly as you want it to be. Infinite possibilities exist; there is enough for everyone so your success does not take away from another.

Through recognising all that you already have around you to be greatful for and amplifying the feeling within you of what you can already wholeheartedly appreciate you are by the Law of Deliberate Creation setting a default vibration of gratitude around you. Which by the Law of Attraction, brings more experiences, opportunities, people and things to be greatful for ~ it is universal law!


The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity slots in nicely here in that everything exists by comparison. Someone who doesn’t have a six bedroom home in an affluent neighbourhood may consider themselves poor living in their one bedroom apartment in comparison to their family members who have this.

However, someone who is living in a tin shack with no electricity or running water would find their circumstances quite heavenly. Similarly $10 000 might be a large sum for certain individuals whereas to others it would be considered small change. Therefore everything just is… until we compare it to something else.

Someone’s dream may be what you consider a terrible day. Our life circumstances are meaningless except for the meaning we ascribe to them. We encounter challenges along the way but in hindsight we can see how they brought the best self within us out.


The Law of Pure Potentiality

The Law of Pure Potentiality affirms that your true essence is pure consciousness (or potentiality) seeking to express itself in form. When you realise your innermost core is one of pure potential you can start to align with that power within and manifest anything your heart desires because you are not separate from this creative power!

Human beings are tremendously powerful, especially when we stand together in our efforts and focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want.

All things are possible, the only limits are what you impose on yourself, your fears, doubts, uncertainty, lack of confidence or faith in your abilities or that of the universe.


The Law of Detachment

Last but not least, the Law of Detachment denotes that when you believe what you desire is a certainty and possible, you don’t harbour any emotional attachment around it happening or not. Your life won’t lose any meaning or success if you don’t get it neither is your happiness or wellbeing dependent on it.

Regardless of whether it arrives or not you choose to feel fulfilled, happy and blessed right now with what is presently in your life so its arrival it will simply be an embellishment to this. You don’t have a desperate need for it to happen to feel fulfilled, happy, secure, loved or anything else because you can choose to give yourself that sensation right now.

You don’t need it to happen to prove your worthiness or abilities to yourself. This removes attachment to the outcome so your intention isn’t loaded with an energy that essentially stems from fear or lack and you’re not hedging all your bets on this one thing coming about in this one way. It allows you to be more open to fresh possibilities you may have never even begun to imagine.


All you have to remember is

1) Recognise your desire to incur change

2) Absolve yourself through affirmation and or ritual gesture

3) Spiral up in matching frequency

4) Repeat relentlessly


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Give me 5 minutes...

And you will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your intuition and Source energy.

So that you shift your way of being in this world that benefits every area of your life.