What is positive magick exactly? What makes magick “black”? How about a grey magick?

A lot of people believe all magick is black magick, it isn’t. Although if you are reading this I probably don’t need to tell you that.

To clarify, the labels used below to describe these abstract concepts are terms that have been used throughout various cultures and times. I cannot wholly define them for you, only share my perspective for you to derive your own meaning. Also, I consider the term mage to be unisex and use it as such.


A Bit About Magick…

Magick has the ability to bring the unseen into the seen and to restore wholeness where there is imbalance.

Calling on the subtle energies of both earthly and celestial realms you imbue your spells with the vitality of life force itself. You can amplify and release, invoke and diminish ~ all depending on your intent.

The practice of ritual magick is a tool for deliberate creators like visualisation and affirmations.

Spells are ritual gestures through which you transform your vibration and tap into the very fabric of the universe that affects your reality, transferring thoughts and desires into the quantum field.

You symbolically transfer possibilities into form from the zero point place within. There is no set limit on how brightly you can shine your own soul essence.


Energy Is Neutral

Energy is neutral, the intent of the practitioner wielding it is where things become skewed. Life keeps a balance of its own. Duality is inherent in our experience, for example, receptivity/activity, internal/external, known/unknown. That does not mean they are at odds with one another.

Instead they are symbiotic and complementary, for example, when you decide to take a particular action you are also defining what you have chosen not to do.

Similarly, within darkness there exists light, because darkness serves the light.


Positive (Good) Magick

When you are called to practise “positive magick” it is not about amassing power to dominate others but rather opening up to and descending in to the root of your own energy vibration where you find personal power and inner authority. This inherent life force is not about doing but about being and following the natural energy flow as it unfolds itself.

As your spiritual practice progresses you will notice that acts of magick are more about communing and collaborating with the Source of All That Is than controlling cosmic forces.

Magick is generally practised for personal growth and creation. The technical terms to describe this are:


Magick cast for the purpose of personal growth and/or spiritual expansion like asking for guidance and actively clearing away outdated cellular memories etc.


Magick performed for the purpose of making overt changes in the material world (manifesting reality) like getting that promotion you want.


Positive (good) magick is used for healing (body, mind, heart and spirit) as well as finding practical solutions to everyday problems.

Each success inspires your next moment of expansion along your path.

Through your desires and intentions you exert your personal power and will, instead of waiting for things to get better.

The more you do this the faster you transform into conscious expressions of your highest potential which is your Source-self. This allows the realities you envision to take shape and form in your life.

Good magick does not mean you are a doormat for anyone. While spells are never directed at innocent people, you have every right to defend yourself and ruffle some feathers aimed at those who would harm you or your loved ones (or have harmed you or your loved ones).


Black Magick

In contrast, “black magick” works with energy to manipulate others, instill fear or for self-gain regardless of the negative impact on others or the surroundings. Baneful spells are directed at innocent people. Those who practise “black magick” do not remain powerful because they burn themselves out quite rapidly and do not enjoy the fruits of their power for long.

Please don’t confuse “black magick” with shadow work and the nature of what is dark.


Grey Magick

Grey magick works with energy and at the same time experiences inner turmoil due to negative aspects of their own self-destructive personality. Observant students will notice incongruencies between what the “grey” mage says and then does. They mirror our own shortcomings and unresolved issues.

Sadly, a lot of new age influencers tend to be operating in the grey zone because they have been misinformed, even though they believe they are all “love and light”, “high vibes only” etc. It is a movement that has been infiltrated and essentially seized by those who don’t have humankind’s best interests at heart.


You Are Practicing Positive Magick If…

To summarise, “white magick” seeks to cause effects in our world through their connection with Spirit and utilisation of energy. Practitioners are interested in the transformation of consciousness for the greater good. They constantly work on themselves and ask for guidance from Spirit to find balance between the polarities that exist on our Earth plane.

In so doing, when balance and inner harmony has been achieved the “white mage” discovers the fallacy of separation. There is no divide between Heaven and Earth, the Divine and Humankind, there is no polarity, just the oneness of Source energy.

Once this understanding is internalised and integrated with acquired knowledge of the unseen workings of the universe the “white mage” stands firmly within their own power as a soul-centered sovereign being. This creates new neural pathways that ignites fresh possibilities in the energy streams of your life, naturally inducing a state of more ease, grace and flow.


A quick and easy way to gauge positive magick:

It is of the light if it promotes the dispensing and sharing of information.

It is the opposite if it withholds and controls information.


Light is information.

Love is creation.


“Good magick” improves our everyday existence and enriches our surroundings. It is part of everyday life and eventually you realise your entire life is an ongoing spiritual practice. By staying in touch with your inner world of wonder you open your heart and mind to infinite possibilities which is essentially life-altering.

The magick within you does not require traceable ancestry to a magical practitioner, tons of prior experience in this dimension (because chances are, if you’re drawn to the practice of magick you’ve practised it in other timelines) OR the worship of anything external to you.


Use discernment. Don’t accept anything as true for you just because someone told you it is (even me)! I am not your direct connection to Source (or your preference) although I specialise in facilitating the space for you to deepen that greater connection within you.

My personal spiritual path is integrative and somewhat shamanic. My specialty is spiritual expansion through cosmic connection therefore, my teachings are such with no loyalty to any particular tradition or formal aspect of religious belief other than what intuitively feels right.

I encourage you to do the same in our time together. Thus, I’ve chosen the label astro-mage for myself because it fits my practice best.


For example:

• A Green Witch is primarily concerned with the physical attributes of plants and their use in medicine, cooking or as an ingredient in magick.

• A Hedge Witch has a working knowledge of plants and herbalism, intuitively understanding gardening but their focus is on forming a relationship with the overlighting plant spirit thereby establishing a connection between themselves and the plant for beneficial healing and magick purposes.

• An Astro-Mage is interested in forming a relationship with the celestial spirit that governs the energy of various things on the Earthly material plane to forge a link between themselves and the associated luminary, star or planet. Like an “astro-shaman” drawing the celestial energies into the physical plane for personal growth or creative expression.


The learning never stops; it is experiential, expansive and empowering… Take what you hear and read and make it your own as it resonates with your own truth. Do what intuitively feels right for you, take it into your heart and see how it feels, and when in doubt ask the love that resides there to guide you. Your mind can be deceived, but your heart cannot.

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