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Another Happy Client! |



“Stella, it’s hard for me to remember everything that happened. It all felt very subtle at the time, and hours later the effects seemed to expand. I lost time that day − went into a complete timewarp.




It was quite peaceful as I was lying there. During the session I felt extreme pressure behind both of my ears − very intense. I felt as if my forearms were being held in place – I tried to move them a few times during the hour with no luck. Sometimes I could feel a band around my head, like a crown.



By the end I fell asleep until 15 past the next hour. Just after I woke, stretched, did some breathing and gratitude, my Skype rang, and it was someone whom I’d been waiting to hear from for a week; she joined my class starting that day. The rest of the day I was feeling really floaty! Since then, I’ve been feeling more powerful.


~ Elizabeth Locey, Georgia, USA |



Another Happy Client! |



“I don’t know what you do with these alignments Stella but I always progress greatly after each one. My friend says that I even look different.



During the session I had a lot of movement inside my body, it felt like stuff getting released and leaving, and I also had very vivid visualizations of things I want to manifest. I enjoyed very much what I conjured.



Afterwards I took a huge nap and the whole time I felt like I had hundreds of hands on me filling me with energy. I woke up really refreshed and clear headed about so many things in my life.



I felt taller immediately after I got up from the bed and stood up on my feet. I could swear I gained half an inch or more of height after the session! I can totally tell something broke free.



Everything has come together for me and I am moving at warp speed. My empathic senses feel in tune again which I have not felt for a long time either so thank you so much, I will certainly book more in future to keep me on track!”


Kgosietsile, Gaborone, Botswana



Another Happy Client! |



Almost immediately I felt a buzzing in my head. Like something was definitely happening in there. Which seemed kind of odd − I wondered why I didn’t feel something in other parts of my body, but boy − the head activity was HUGE.



And then about 15 minutes later I got an inspiration that I should be sitting directly on the earth − so I got out of my chair and went outside to sit on the grass between two trees. There was a LOT of activity happening up there − in fact I just got huge ripples of goosebumps typing that 🙂



During the session, I had a very strong thought come to mind: I am a witch. I mean, like it was given to me. I took it and added in: I am a good witch. I am a powerful witch. I was having fun playing with all these ‘I am witch’ affirmations. Which I don’t normally use! I didn’t know where that came from.



Also, I received an insight about a work thing − it’s not either or − it’s combining both in one. And then afterwards I had another brilliant idea for something work related. So it seems like work/ mission/ message stuff got seriously activated Stella!


Jeannette Maw, Utah, USA  |