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Chakras in Magick

Chakras in Magick

Our chakras filter the energy we receive psychically from the Earth we walk on, the stars above us, as well as with whom we interact and what we take into our bodies through food, drink and breath.

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” since they are often perceived as spinning wheels of light. Human beings have seven main chakras anchored to the physical body that form a pillar of light, down the centre of your body.


But you also have chakras spaced equidistantly above and below your body that extend into infinity. Each one channels a different frequency of light and sustains your wellbeing through the column of light.

When you elevate your consciousness through ritual behaviour like grounding, centring and connecting with your Interdimensional Support Team or when you prepare to fuel an intention with magick, all your chakras are automatically activated.


The energy generated within your chakras enhances your personal electromagnetic energy field and empowers your ability to influence your reality.



Each chakra has a specific purpose for processing energy:

  • The base chakra sets a practical framework for your objective and stamina to see it into form with a vibrant flow of life force.
  • The sacral chakra functions as your creativity centre and where you imbue your creation with emotion.
  • The solar plexus is your power centre and where you focus and direct energy from your soul presence.
  • The heart chakra fills and expands to connect you with the abundant multidimensional love and support of all other life in the universe.
  • The throat chakra integrates your thoughts and emotions from where you communicate and express your unique energy signature in the world.
  • The brow chakra lasers your intentions into the quantum field, beaming forth a vision of the outcome you seek.
  • The crown chakra is where Source light enters your chakra column, where a union of all the elements occurs.


When you draw the magnetic Earth energy up through the soles of your feet and unity consciousness down through your crown, they meet in your heart, for you to own what you are bringing into form as already true for you by behaving as if it is already so.

This generates a match frequency around you and through you, streaming it throughout the matrix and firmly orienting it in your present reality.


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