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You're a spiritual seeker who has invested in various trainings  for spiritual modalities, spending hours reading and studying about cosmic connection...

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You're weary of all the superficial fluff and you might have encountered some whacky characters on your quest...

There is another way.
I help you live a more magical life with your feet firmly on the ground.

I do this by guiding you through the steps to interact with the everlasting mystical forces of the cosmos in a manner that is lucid and logical.

Hey There! I'm Stella.

My specialty is taking you from spiritual knowing to cosmic being. As a lifelong mystic with over two decades of personal practice, I know exactly what it entails to build an etheric ladder between the material world and divine.

This is my home on the interweb where I share my lived experience deepening conscious relationship with Source as well as the celestial and elemental energies within, via straightforward, practical techniques.

Full Disclosure

There is a huge difference between intellectualising metaphysical principles versus actually practicing them as a living philosophy.

If you're done reading about cosmic connection and ready to start recognising and feeling your own true interdimensional nature, cohering with Source energy, you're in the right place.

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Who a cosmic lightweaver is, what they do and the way they might feel drawn to perform acts of magick with the celestial realm and creative intelligence of the universe.