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Cosmic Being

• Switch on the inherent wisdom in the very fibres of your being to deepen your spiritual practice & hear your higher self.

• Inviting the vast & ancient aspect of you to reveal your authentic self encourages a healthy body, clear mind, joyful heart & peaceful soul.

• Enhance your abilities to connect with higher realms, dissolve blocks & align with your destiny from the inside out!

it's easier than you think

Communing with creative cosmic forces helps you:

1) Feel guided, supported & encouraged every day

2) Make decisions swiftly with more certainty

3) Step into a state of flow with life & experience consistent divine synchronicity

4) Walk a path to greater freedom, flow and fulfilment

5) Expand out of moribund ties, forms and beliefs so that you can experience luminous inner peace

6) Exercise compassion with others & yourself

it's time to ATTUNE to YOUR

Intuitive Power

Gather Knowledge...

Who a cosmic lightweaver is, what they do and the way they might feel drawn to perform acts of magick with the celestial realm and creative intelligence of the universe.


Kind Words From Stellar Patrons

Another Happy Client! |

Hours later the effects seemed to expand. I lost time that day − went into a complete timewarp.

During the session I felt extreme pressure behind both of my ears − very intense. I felt as if my forearms were being held in place – I tried to move them a few times during the hour with no luck. Sometimes I could feel a band around my head, like a crown.

By the end I fell asleep until 15 past the next hour. The rest of the day I was feeling really floaty! Since then, I’ve been feeling more powerful.

Elizabeth Locey

Georgia, USA

Another Happy Client! |

I felt taller immediately after I stood up on my feet. I can totally tell something broke free. My friend says that I even look different!

During the session I had a lot of movement inside my body, it felt like stuff getting released and leaving, and I also had very vivid visualizations of things I want to manifest. I enjoyed very much what I conjured.

Afterwards I took a huge nap and the whole time I felt like I had hundreds of hands on me filling me with energy. I woke up really refreshed and clear headed about so many things in my life.


Gaborone, Botswana

Another Happy Client! |

Working with high vibrational crystals I've had many soul lifting experiences, but NOTHING like this! I actually saw Stella as we connected at the start.

For the session I was drawn to have my Faden quartz in my left hand. At one point I saw a bronze or gold disk that was etched with all sorts of glyphs — felt like light language.

Physically, I felt someone brushing a finger across my third eye area. All the way through the session I felt my root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras expand and contract and felt the energy coming in and taking out that which no longer serves.

I couldn’t turn my head, I would start falling asleep and my head would slowly turn to the left then it would kind of snap back. I felt someone physically holding my hand, and I don’t say this lightly for I have had spirits hold my hand before, but this was 3 dimensional.


Massachusetts, USA

Another Happy Client! |

I was skeptical the first session I booked but after the second one, I was like “WOW! This gal really knows her stuff!”

I was absolutely amazed at the sensations I was receiving. Just think, Stella in South Africa, all those miles away is doing something just for me at the exact same time I’m out here sitting in the sun in Phoenix, AZ! How great is this?

For my third session with Stella, I mentally saw a golden bubble around me that faded to bright green. I felt very safe. I felt a heaviness in my left hand as if something were placed gently in it.

After about 15 minutes I started to feel very dizzy, almost like I’d been drinking. After about 20 more minutes I needed to go into the house and it was quite difficult to maintain my balance – nearly like I was staggering. I was practically giddy.

I went in and sat down so it faded but after another 30 minutes the same dizziness returned for about 10-15 minutes and then it was gone and I was fine the rest of the day.


Arizona, USA

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