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My Will vs. Thy Will for More Alignment, Peace and Grace

My Will vs. Thy Will for More Alignment, Peace and Grace

With an interest in manifesting, most of you are already aware that you need to take some form of action in pursuit of what you want but you also don’t want to overdo it, in the sense of holding onto the reigns of your desired result so tightly that there isn’t room for fresh insights and synchronicity that support your intentions to come in.


The difference between my will and thy will and how understanding the difference will allow you to experience more alignment, peace and grace.


“I will to will thy will” is a concept I wrestled with for a long time because I dislike the idea of anything exerting authority over me and dictating what I can or can’t do. So for me it was a sign of weakness, allowing something else’s will to preside over my life.


Here’s how I experience it now


In time I’ve come to look at it differently, that when you affirm “I will to will thy will” you are not allowing something separate from you to reign over your life. Rather, you are an expression of original Source energy ~ animated Cosmic Dust and therefore your will is one and the same.


Discord arises when the human ego mind attempts to direct how, when and why what comes about.


Allowing pure Source energy and your unique soul essence to work through you in order to create the best outcomes in accordance with your highest good for the wellbeing of all, is simply about relinquishing control.


Along with any preconceived notions you may have about a linear logical timeline and how things may appear at any given time, since you can’t see the full picture in your mind like unified mind.



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