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On the blog you will find over 100 articles and answers to reader questions, many of *witch* might be just what you’d like to know right now. Scroll down to look at some of the reader favourites explaining modern witchcraft for beginners; the ins, outs and potential pitfalls, and you will quickly get a sense of my style of Source-ry.


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A “Road map” of Exactly What You Need to Get Started





The Jitters ~ I’m afraid something bad will happen…



 If You Think You Might Be a Witch But You’re Unsure If This Is the Right Place

(You might want to get your favourite beverage and a snack for this one 🙂 ☕️?)



 Does Performing Ritual Open You Up to All Kinds of Negativity?



 Does Casting a Spell Have Negative Side-effects?



 How to Cast a Spell That Doesn’t Cause Harm



 Afraid of the Dark Side? Is Witchcraft Bad or Evil?



 What is the Difference Between a Ritual and a Spell?



 What’s the Difference between a Witch and Wicca?



 Getting Comfortable with the Word W-I-T-C-H



 Thinking Like a Witch (Exercising Discernment)



 Will I Create Chaos by Wielding my Magick?



 Won’t Karma Get Me? NO Karma is not a Biatch






Personal Power, Happiness & Healing



 How to Get Really Comfortable in Your Own Skin 

(Especially when you feel like you don’t belong)



 How to Cut Cords



 What is Grounding?



 What is Centring?



 What is Shielding?



 What Ritual is and How it Works



 Four Ways Ritual is Good for You



 How Do I Know If I Cast A Spell Right?

(How to Make Your Magick Feel More Real)



 Magick = Free Will + Witchiness in Motion 

(You have an important role to play)



 How to Get Over Your Ex

(Heal from heartbreak/dissolve relationship bonds etc.)



 Witch’s Birthday Ritual 

(Invite blessings for your year ahead)



 No Time for Your Spirituality? What To Do






Enchanted Home



 Ultimate Guide for Turning Housework into Housewitchery



 Ultimate Guide to Connecting with Your Guiding Spirits



 How to Create Altars That Work



 The Ultimate Guide to Undercover Altars



 What is a Sanctum?






The Elements and Nature Spirits



 Connect and Work with the Elements

(Even if you live in the city)


 Seasons and Sabbats



 Who and What Are the Fae



 A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Magick



 The Complete Guide to Quartz Crystal Grids



 Sunwise ~ How to Cast a Circle



 Breath-work Source-ry






Lunar Living



 Leverage Lunar Phases



 Maximise the Mood of the Day with the Moon



 A New Moon Ritual

(8 Easy Steps to Sow Thought Seeds)



 Drawing Down the Moon

(What it is, Why you would want to do it and How to)



 A Full Moon Ritual

(Short, Simple, Safe and Solitary)



 How To Release Toxic Emotions with the Dark Moon



 How to Collect Healing Moonbeams






Cosmic Alignment



 How to Sending Healing and Compassion to Crisis or Devastation Areas



 How to Overcome a Creative Block



 Two Easy Yet Powerful Ways to Release Limiting Beliefs



 Collecting Soul Aspects



 How to Make Galactic Tea (Planetary Potion)



 How to Prevent Overwhelm As An Empath



 The Essence of Money



 Contract Spirit to Find Your Dream Job, Life Purpose or Grow Your Business



 My Will vs. Thy Will for More Alignment, Peace and Grace



 Alignment and Making Space For Results