Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day

Your map of how and where to start being a modern Witch

If you are interested in the Craft you may be wondering:


  • Exactly how do you become a modern witch? Is the Craft something anyone can learn?


  • How do you begin to enhance your relationship with inner wisdom and the creative forces of the universe?


  • What is the best way to start out on a solitary path when you don’t have anyone to ask?


  • Maybe you were brought up to believe it’s dangerous or just silly superstition but despite what those around you think, something about it stirs your heart and soul



Perhaps you have come across so much information that you don’t know where to start first and what to do when, finding it all rather overwhelming! Yet, you feel so strongly drawn to this way of being you can’t help feeling excited for a new start and change.


How do you begin to bring the magic you feel deep inside yourself to the surface and use it in the “real world”?


So this is where I hand you a map of sorts to explore the layout of the land and decide if you are in the right place.


This site will help you explore making room for your spiritual practise, how to become a more soul connected confident Witch by building strong energy-crafting skills and many others to inspire and encourage you to step fully into a truer expression of Self.


Take some time to read through everything below. Mostly it guides you to the core of what it takes to live Witchy today. After you have read this page, you will know precisely what your next step is. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. I’m here to help you 🙂


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What or Who is a Witch?

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> You might be a Witch if…

> What is a Starseed Witch?

> 9 Reasons to Love Being a Modern Witch Today

> How to Become a Witch in Real Life

> How to Look Like a Witch

> What’s the Deal with Witches and Apples?

> Snakes and Witches/Priests/Priestesses ~ What’s the Connection?

> Witches and the Colour Black

> Describing Your Personal Spiritual Path


What or Who is a Witch?

The word ‘witch’ appears to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon words, ‘wicca’ (masculine) and ‘wicce’ (feminine) which refers to ‘bend and shape’ that is, bending the elements of nature, shaping lives and environments. The Germanic word ‘wit’ means to know.


The word Witch has meant different things to different people throughout history and negative connotations were only dawn when the mainstream religion of the day attempted to stamp out ancient Pagan beliefs and convert people through fear.


So to me, a Witch is someone who acknowledges that omnipresent life essence pervades the mind and core being. 


At times, a Witch may choose to energise her/his intention by using symbolic gestures (ritual) such as lighting a candle, burying a crystal, blowing on a dandelion clock or casting a shell back into the ocean.


What or Who is a Witch? |


The magick is not in the objects but is part and parcel of the Witch, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The symbolic act of sacred ritual itself reinforces the Witch’s intention consciously and in a physical manner reaffirms that her/his request is already manifest.


The next step is to take your sweet self over to your manifestation vibrationally and that is done by aligning your energy frequency ~ thought, word and deed with it. Witches are dedicated to introspection, poise and mindfulness and use their personal power to contribute to the Greater Whole.


Magick is the art of working with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos to bring about change. It involves directing life force energy in a focussed flow that results in an inward shift expressed outwardly in your reality.


*I Am Witch. Within me glows the beginning of all form seen or unseen.*

Own it. You know you want to.


Getting comfortable with the word w-i-t-c-h

Being a witch has nothing to do with waving a wand and attaining your desire. It has nothing to do with hereditary powers, skills or gender roles. Everyone is born a witch, able to bend and shape energy to suit your needs.


You just forgot how to be one. You have been lead to believe you are powerless and subject to external circumstances which shape your life. You react to your circumstances instead of creating them.


Spirit and matter are not separate. You are limitless and free, feel the flow of Universal energy, harness it and cast your intentions out into the ethers with certainty so that they may draw to you manifest.


Can you feel your cells pulsing?


Do you acknowledge your role as an electromagnetic being in an intelligent universe?


Feel the pulse of Creation within every fibre of your being. Source energy flows around you and through you without end.


What is Witchcraft |


  • You gain wisdom from your experiences. Through gathering knowledge you are inspired to imagine the impossible into the possible. You are timeless, pure potential exists in a time without time in a place without a place.


  • You are centred because you accept oneness with universal energy at all times and you are happy because you are whole and all your needs are already met.


You might be a Witch if…

Thanks to Hollywood, there is this common misconception that witches walk around green-faced, bearing ritual paraphernalia and casting a flurry of spells that can be seen with the naked eye.


In my opinion, Witchcraft is a living philosophy. It’s a lifestyle that puts into practise a view of nature and the workings of the universe that is different to the majority.


We do things that others don’t and experience results others won’t.


Witches aren’t all like the theatrical oddballs the media makes them out to be, living in gingerbread houses in the forest. They are well-adjusted, rational, intelligent adults who are able to consciously walk between the worlds of spirit and matter.


If you are unsure about whether you could define yourself as a witch, here are 7 signs that you may be a magick maker in the 21st century


Signs you are a Witch |


1. You are aware of a dynamic flow of life force around you

Somehow you know that All That Is feels each step you take, hears your voice and answers your questions. You have always taken an interest in what is considered mysterious and hidden because to you, quite simply, your heart seeks this bond out. Sometimes you just need to get outside to feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.


2. You can sense the character and theme of a day by just leaning into the energy

If you were stranded on a deserted island without a calendar, you would be able to tell the difference between the days ~ some are hotter, cooler, more moist or dry. Some put a spring in your step, a surge of inspiration and vitality while others are lazy and dreamy, with winding introspection, contentment and peace.


3. You can feel the distinct shift in mood and tone of your environment as people and circumstances come and go from your space

Some people and objects have an effect on you that makes you withdraw your energy and retract your aura while others effervesce the sparkle in your soul and set your spirits in bubbly flight. When you’re feeling out of sorts everything around you tends to reflect this.


4. Before you give someone a gift you hold it and charge it with a special wish for them

You can’t contain your childlike enthusiasm for enchantment, magic and miracles, even if you don’t know how it works, you inherently know that magic is real and there is a whole world of possibilities out there. It’s simply a part of you to know that you can imbue something with a special thought and it will carry that energy to that person.


5. You feel a close connection to the Earth and all her creatures and acknowledge this in some way with self-devised rituals you create

Your body automatically responds to seasonal rhythms and lunar tides. Communing with the creatures of this world and other realms is something you just seem to do ~ sometimes to the bewilderment of muggles who find themselves in close proximity to you.


6.  You are easily drawn into the depth of ancient activities long held in the collective unconscious

The archetypal image of a Witch at her altar gathering the elements of alchemy and consulting with their wisdom or a Witch stirring a fusion of energies in a cauldron placed upon transformative fire. Entering stone circles and misty lands ~ these all transport you to another dimension, rousing memories of other times.


7. You get your regular fix of magical fulfilment through reading or watching fantasy

The imagery holds deep resonant meaning for you, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings ~ they all bring little puzzle pieces to your soul and instil trust in your notions that there is more, beyond what appears to be solid here and now. Affirming that, magick is alive and well within you.


This list is by no means conclusive, but at least you know that witches are human (and sane)!


What is a Starseed Witch?

Indulging your fascination with sacred arts such as magick, shamanism, divination, crystal healing and herbalism is something you feel compelled to do.


You may have studied or want to learn more about how to leverage the energies of Earth and sky to find balance and simple joyful living that enhance and empower your personal realm.


If the likes of flickering candles, wisps of smoke and blending fragrant herbs intermingled with arcane wisdom gets you into The Zone, you may just be a Starseed Witch…


For the mystic stars and wise ones who remember |
Image Source


Elemental Composition:

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus





Atomic Mass:

Adamantine Particles varying from 40-200kg.



A soul that has had many lifetimes on other planets and spiritual realms who has come to assist the shift in consciousness on Earth from 3D to 5D.



Copious quantities across the globe



Shiny objects, intelligent conversation, sunrays, moonbeams, starlight, astrology, astronomy, storms, reading about ancient civilisations, ET’s, sacred geometry, travelling to sacred sites, mythology, esoteria, spirituality, surrealism, metaphysics and cats.


Common characteristics:

Feeling like an alien dropped off on a foreign planet, inexplicable yearning to go “home”, recollection of bi-location abilities, a desire to heal, empower or inspire, others experience your energy as intense, sometimes aloof, a sense of duty to fulfil a mission, wondering what’s “wrong with people”?



Sensing energy via any combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairaliance or clairgustance. Connecting with nature, close bond with the elementals, innate guiding wisdom ~ claircognisance. Natural-born advisor, calming presence, can affect weather and technology. You see through lies.


Essentially we don’t all fit perfectly into any one label because we all carry a unique energy signature as an aspect of source spark energy. Thus there is no true differentiation, only different expressions of your soul self, filtered into this plane of awareness.


9 Reasons to Love Being a Modern Witch Today

Given that there is often more emphasis on why it’s difficult to be yourself around others who just don’t operate at the same level of consciousness as you do and therefore don’t understand your way of thinking and feeling; creating a sense of isolation, confusion and longing for your soul tribe ~ this post aims to highlight reasons to celebrate your beautiful Witchiness!


1.  You get to experience things many others who are too fearful or fast asleep cannot. Such as shifting awareness, stepping into alternate realities and opening doors with your imagination to bring vision into form. Nurture your own cadence so that society and illusion has no effect on you.


2. You know there is more to you than you can perceive or express when you find yourself gazing into a flame or up at the moon or leaning into the consciousness of a tree that fosters an innate respect and compassion for all life. Have faith that the vast majority of humanity senses this too.


3. You get to connect with the natural rhythms of earth, sky and primal sea that fulfils you in a way nothing artificial can ~ bringing meaning and purpose to life that links you to the rest of the universe instead of being reduced to just another number.


4. Every now and then you get a glimpse of the marvellous power that drives the cosmos and itmakes you smile. The more you pay attention to love, beauty, light and magick the more you recognise it in everything. Appreciate the ancient voices in the plants, the stars and on the wind that have prevailed because others like you have not forgot a time where magick reigned.


5. You get to express your deepest self and knowledge from your powerful subconscious mind in ways that cannot be expressed by language. Dance, ritual, art, poetry, music and the like trigger a sense of identity at the very centre of your being.


9 Reasons to Love Being a Modern Witch Today |


6. According to research conducted between 1990 and 2001 Paganism is the fastest growing belief system in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. I’d venture to say there has been a significant spike since then (and in many other countries) since the various activations in consciousness that commenced in December 2012.


7. With rapid advances in technology physicists are frequently verifying the metaphysical principles upon which the Craft is based, affirming the universal laws upon which magick (and all of Creation) operates. This will increasingly impact the way the majority thinks and incite further exploration as these constructs become mainstream.


8. You have everything you need right now in this moment to live the life you love. Trust that whenever something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would it is not a “no” just a “not this way” and know that things actually worked out unexpectedly well without you being able to see why just yet.


9. You don’t have to feel alone in your abilities reaching out and finding others like you via the interweb means you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! Moving like spirit packs of wolves or prides of lions we reinforce principles and ideals that positively impact the greater whole. Together as a soul tribe we imprint our legacy in the planet’s grid for future generations to strengthen and uphold.


You are appreciated Witchy One! You are heard. Your heart and soul touch the Earth and all of Creation in a way greater than your human mind can comprehend right now. You are making a difference just by being here. You are not alone. Shine your light like starfire across a dark sky no matter what they say.


How to Become a Witch in Real Life

At an increasing rate many of you are feeling the intense call of something that you say you are unsure of how to put into words, a sense of fully coming into your own and a readiness to BE in this world like never before.


It is something you can’t seem to find in the modern world, no matter how far and wide you have searched. That is because it is a sense of longing for home, a hint of something ancient, a deep re-membering of your very soul essence.


It can only be found within and yet it can be reflected by the sun, moon, stars and original elements. That rush within your blood when you recognise magick, that profound appreciation for nature and that magnetic pull toward ritual exists because it is a part of you as much as you are a part of it.


In my opinion, there are no “new” witches, only re-membering ones.

How to Become a Witch in Real Life |


So the logical question that beckons is, “how do I become the witch I am, implement witchery in my life and reflect my choice to do so in my personal environment?”


  • You don’t have to dress bizarrely to express your Witchiness


  • You don’t have to build elaborate altars all over your home


  • You don’t have to procure rare or expensive esoteric tools


  • You don’t have to wear what “all the other witches are wearing”



It doesn’t make you any less Witchy when you aren’t explicit about your path.


The most powerful witches are the quiet ones, those who walk between worlds yet blend in because they are comfortable in their choices so they don’t require shock value or approval to walk their talk.


Plus the Muggles would never see them coming 😉 



Just like Catholics keep depictions of Mother Mary, you could:


  • Have a display (either an obvious or subtle altar) that reminds you of the seasons and elements.


  • Your morning ritual getting ready for work may entail an alignment process or meditation


  • Your night time ritual preparing for bed might include a devotional candle lighting to your Spirit Helpers


  • Opalescent objects, paint or fabrics to remind you of the moon and stars


  • Plush towels in the bathroom that prompt the multidimensional goddess within you


  • Enchant selected pieces of jewellery


  • A miniature cauldron on your kitchen shelf cues that we are all one in a quantum soup



I love a beautiful cornucopia on my dining table stuffed with fresh fruit and those who don’t know my beliefs would think it’s just a pretty table centrepiece.


Essentially it is about what the items mean to you and your deliberate placement of them in your personal environment is a means through which you express your personality. It is kind of like wearing sexy underwear ~ nobody else need know it is there but it still gives you the psychological edge.


It’s not only about the physical.

Expressing your wicked good tendencies are actually done most effectively through vibration, by applying “unseen” energy-based methods.


How to Look Like a Witch

If you would like to express your witchy personality in your personal environment and bring more of the witch within to the outside, you don’t necessarily have to replace your wardrobe and be more creative with your hairstyle…


While I enjoy elegant and sophisticated witchy garb, it isn’t always practical or possible to represent the witch inside. Shape-shifting witch that I am I prefer to blend in to my surroundings.


Nonetheless, I carry a powerful aura of Witchiness about me and I own it. Kindred spirits recognise me for who I am immediately. It’s a classic case of “I see you in me.”


You can invoke an aura of Witchiness at the start of your day to wear as a mantle about you. I’ve written the ritual below which could somewhat take the form of a daily devotion if you wish to make it so.


How to Look Like a Witch |


Easy Ritual to Look Like a Witch

  • In the morning, either upon waking or before stepping out the door for the day, stand somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for a few moments such as before your altar or a mirror and place your palms together before you in front of your heart centre.


  • Imagine a shining diamond light mist materialising above your crown and enveloping you.


  • Take three deep breaths, inhaling presence in this moment and exhaling any reservations.


1.) When you feel ready call upon your Spirit Helpers and ask them to “bring me opportunities so that I may be in service to others in ways that utilise my natural talents and abilities.”


2.) Inhale, relax and sense the light-mist spiralling around your body, there is a surge of energy entering your cells and as it sweeps through your mental, emotional and physical fields you become aware of the music-like beats running through your veins.


Your aura sparkles brighter and the intensity of the star-filled rush grows, materialising into a hooded velvet cloak accompanied by the distinct tinkle of silver bells and the reverberation of ancient drums.


The waves of energy encompassing you has a whirlpool effect yet it is electric and buzzing. You feel alive, charged and melt into unison with your immortal soul now housed in this physical vessel of higher frequencies.


There is no separation, no time, just unity with Infinite Is, pure essence and potentiality you are aglow. Your cells are purified, reprogrammed and transformed.


You walk amidst an entourage of Ancient Ones and your etheric field is vast, extending to the Milky Way and perhaps further.


3.) Optional Affirmation: “I choose to reclaim all my aspects of Self through all dimensions known and unknown, I now retrieve all soul fragments that will serve me cohesively.

Transmit sacred wisdom via my aura with others in passing, conveying messages, insights and ideas on a subconscious energy level. I vibrate to the sound of wholeness that pervades all of Creation.”


4.) Breathe in and become aware of your inner power, tranquil luminescent liquidity, moving as waves through your being.

Know that you will stay in this space throughout your day and radiate the power to all those who resonate.


5.) Go about your business as usual and allow this mantle of Witchiness to flow about you throughout your dayVisualise it about you as you walk down the street in the aisles, passing others in corridors.


If you want to affirm protection, safety and/or a “don’t mess with me” demeanour, pull the hood up. OR if you wish to camouflage into your surroundings and travel unnoticed simply pull the cloak about you more tightly.


What’s the Deal with Witches and Apples?

Apples are associated with Venus because when you slice one in half laterally you see the seeds form a five-pointed star reminiscent of the five position points stargazers can track the morning star making in the sky over an eight year period.


Because of this correlation apples are used in ritual and spells to evoke Venusian energy that aligns with all matters of love and partnership, sociability, fluidity of communication, muse, artistic expression, aesthetics, sensual pleasures, beauty, harmony and peace.


However the five-pointed star is also symbolic of the five physical senses through which we experience the Earthly realm in order to gain knowledge about ourselves and the corporeal plane.


Apples have long been associated with knowledge, for example the story about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and it is interesting to note the tradition in some countries where students traditionally gifted their teachers with apples… not a sack of grain or pot of honey or whatever else the harvest may have yielded.


From a metaphysical standpoint we know that what we experience through our physical senses as reality is actually an illusion because our brains are translating a myriad of streaming quantum particles into perceived solid objects such as the said apple. It isn’t actually real – only an expression of life force banded together by a collective construct bearing the label of “apple”.


Witches and Apples |


Apples are strongly associated with witches because witches bring forth this working knowledge of the universe and the cosmic laws that govern our spiritual expansion translating that into an everyday way of being in a realm where humanity was formerly so far removed from its core essence that elapsed who we really are.


By accepting the physical senses and external world as superior to their inner knowing and internal world, humanity travelled so far from their original truth that they gave up all their personal power giving in to manipulation and limitation by accepting the physical illusion as truth.


As a result they feared and persecuted anyone who appeared to have abilities outside the parameters their limited consciousness could comprehend.


It is now that humanity is again awakening to and rediscovering their original state of connection and Oneness with Source energy and thus reclaiming their power as spiritual creators mastering physical expression instead of giving precedence to illusion over the realness of Infinite Mind. And that my lovely Witches are what apples and you have in common!


Snakes and Witches/Priests/Priestesses ~ What’s the Connection?

Snake-like energy can remain quiet and inert one moment, with a striking unexpected shift the next. This is representative of the kundalini energy that runs up along your spinal column when raised shooting out from your forehead; clearing, healing and aligning the main energy centres.


This sacred life force energy activates personal expansion through experience and often the rediscovery of natural talents and abilities as well as stimulating a greater capacity for love, light and wisdom.


Many cultures have revered the snake as a symbol of rebirth because of its ability to shed its skin while alive consistently without losing its essential nature.


Consider how many times you have transformed throughout your life shedding your past emotional and mental resentments to expand into a stronger, wiser, renewed version of yourself. Each time you shed your former self, discarding what no longer serves a purpose you make room for the new and better to enter your life.


Think about common emblems such as the Rod of Asclepius; a serpent coiled around a staff, the Uraeus golden cobra headdress of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the helical structure of DNA, your snake-like circulatory system and fluid energy waves that are the means through which creation is brought out of chaos.


Snakes and Witches ~ The Connection |


What you can do with this snake-like energy:

1) Check in with the life force flowing freely through your body, from your base chakra up to your brow. If you find any constriction, clear it away by breathing into tension and releasing bottlenecks upon exhalation.


2) Tap into the energy running along the Earth’s ley lines that travel through, beneath and around her landscape. Feel the pulsations of life force replenishing Gaia, restoring her to her original sacred blueprint.


Witches and the Colour Black

We have all heard the adage that knowledge is power, yet implementing knowledge is what transfigures it into wisdom. This is the kind of internalisation of what you know and believe to be true on a cellular level that gives you supreme confidence that your actions (both internal and external) go deeper than surface value.


So deep this wisdom nourishes your soul not intellect alone. So deep that it lives eternally beyond neurons and everyday awareness. So deep it is ageless within Universal Mind. So deep that it is represented by the colour black.


The colour black has a grounding effect and calms extremely sensitive individuals, absorbing all colours and therefore lessening emotional intensity. It can be use in healing to help reduce chronic pain.


Witches & the Colour Black |


Stylish and timeless, black is powerful and authoritative. Witches are portrayed wearing black most of the time because this colour not only relates to Mystery but the inner (unseen) world as well. A strong feminine colour it is protective and opens up deeper levels of the subconscious.


Illumination is achieved by travelling into the darkness and embracing it. Only from being in the dark does the potential of stepping into light exist. By accepting the shadow we release the judgement and fear that prevents us from fully entering the space from where conscious creation of our reality takes place.


Until such time, we create our experiences subconsciously from aspects within us that we are rejecting. From this divided space no amount of positive thoughts and affirmations will make any difference.


Witches choose to enter the heart of darkness (what is unknown) and to explore the depths, warmth and support that exists there. Darkness is the seat of all potential. The void. The place of dreams. Once illuminated it brings clarity to the truth of who you are ~ dissolving blocks to creating your highest most joyful path in the here and now.


In ritual magick the colour black is used for matters involving neutralisation, removal of negative influences, secrecy, loss, protection, conclusions of all kinds and to access deeper levels of the subconscious.


It is my sincerest wish that wherever you are on your journey in exploring the Craft that delving deeper enhances your self-understanding, love, light and ability to flow and create within the cosmic stream of consciousness you are a part of and from this place of wholeness align with your highest good and happiness.


Describing Your Personal Spiritual Path

A question I am often asked by readers is, “how to put your thoughts into words about what you believe in when it comes to explaining your spiritual path to others?”


Particularly if you are eclectic in nature and don’t follow one definitive creed that others can easily recognise.


Obviously I won’t be able to cover my entire worldview on this page, but it is my intention that by sharing what I feel resonates at my core may help you to identify what feels good for you.


Everything in this article is based on my personal understanding. Don’t accept anything as true for you just because someone told you it is ~ even me! Take it into your heart and see how it resonates for you.


Explaining my spiritual path |


Pagan is anyone not following one of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity).


Heathen follows an ethnic tradition that is not Abrahamic. Most often followers of a Germanic tradition such as Odinism refer to themselves as Heathen. For ages, the Abrahamic faiths have used the terms Pagan and Heathen as derogatory terms to refer to what they consider infidels (non-believers in their religion).


My spiritual practise is eclectic based on my personal experience, practice of magick and nature based values which are somewhat shamanic in nature. Thus I choose to call myself a Hedgewitch. In short, I do what feels right for me intuitively.


I consider my path a living philosophy rather than a religion and I have no interest in any traditional or formal aspects of the Craft (no offence to anyone following a specific tradition). Truthfully, I don’t take to anyone telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it or whether I can do it.


Describing my personal spiritual path |


My God-Source is not an isolated superior entity from me.

We are one and the same.

I don’t require an intermediary for what I am capable of doing myself.


In this incarnation I am expressing my divinity in a physical, sensorial plane. Just like you. There is nothing to fix for I am already a whole divine being choosing to find expression in a human form.


While I respect the ancient forces of nature, the cosmos and the Collective Unconscious, I worship none. I work directly with creative Source energy, in short, pure life force, a perfect amalgamation of the sacred feminine and masculine.


I do not work with gods and goddesses in any formalised manner whatsoever such as a specific pantheon, neither am I devotee to a patron/matron deity. I firmly accept thatworship on any level is placing the power outside of myself and giving it away to something external as perceived separate from me.


We are all interconnected as we stem from the same Source which flows through us all the time as life force. I maintain a relationship with Spirit Allies through meditation and when I pray I commune with Spirit/Source directly.


Connecting and aligning with the natural rhythms and cycles of Earth keeps me grounded, energised and creates a sense of fulfilment within me.


At times I will evoke a specific energy to assist with a ritual or spell which I considerarchetypal; something that epitomises the essence of what I am creating. This could be an elemental or celestial energy, a symbol such as a Rune or Tarot card.


At other times I enlist Magickal Allies like an archangel, overlighting deva of the mineral or plant variety or an avatar (embodiment) like Khutumi or Pallas Athena. I also work with fae and ancestral spirits. Either way, they are just varying expressions of original non-denominational Source energy shaped by our perception across time.


Archetypes are etheric imprints that exist in our psyches; not limited to human form and originating from the Collective Unconscious which holds all of humankind’s experience and knowledge generated throughout time, which we are all able to access upon asking.


Archetypes are the language of the mind and can often convey that which the verbal and written cannot.


Conjuring the assistance of archetypes is actually you extending your ability to perceive through fragments of your deeper self. When you summon them you are collecting information from the Collective Unconscious and widening the reach of your magick. You are simply re-membering an aspect of yourself and restoring it to wholeness within you.


It’s like enlisting a creative team that glides along sentient energy to draw people, situations and circumstances that yield in your favour into your realm.


These energies weave strands of the matrix together for synchronicity to occur and are fuelled by the Collective Unconscious through our memory and solicitation of them. Those who are not remembered or called upon fade out of existence because there is no life force energy flowing their way to sustain them.


I am committed to creating better for myself, impacting others positively and to contribute to the evolution of the entire universe at large. I choose to be in service from a soul level not to serve as a subject to any one master. I do not bind myself to any restricted form of this because my spiritual path shifts and expands with my consciousness.


*I Am Witch. Divinity in physical motion.*

Own it. You know you want to.

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