Be a confident soul connected Modern Witch every day

Exactly how and where to start being a Modern Witch


The number one question:

What is a Modern Witch? I’m not really sure if I am one…


My number one answer: 

Someone (male or female) who is self-aware, comfortable in their personal power, feels connected to Source/nature/the creative forces of the universe while trusting in their ability to influence the way things are beyond the confines of visible matter and create a life they enjoy living, free from suppression, that also benefits the Greater Whole.


If you are interested in the Craft you may be wondering:


  • Exactly how do you become a modern witch? Is the Craft something anyone can learn?


  • How do you begin to enhance your relationship with inner wisdom and the creative forces of the universe?


  • What is the best way to start out on a solitary path when you don’t have anyone to ask?


  • Maybe you were brought up to believe it’s dangerous or just silly superstition but despite what those around you think, something about it stirs your heart and soul


Perhaps you have come across so much information that you don’t know where to start first and what to do when, finding it all rather overwhelming! Yet, you feel so strongly drawn to this way of being you can’t help feeling excited for a new start and change.


How do you begin to bring the magic you feel deep inside yourself to the surface and use it in the “real world”?


So this is where I hand you a set of keys to explore the realm of witchery and decide if you are in the right place.


Are you ready?



Good. Let’s get started!



Step #1

Download the 13 Keys to Becoming a Modern Witch Today


This step-by-step guide shows you exactly how and where to begin on a mystical path in a practical way. It’s a question I get asked a lot. So here is my 30 page answer 🙂

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